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We've spent more than a decade aggregating and producing the world's largest collection of digital audiobooks — and through AudioEngine, you have access to it all.


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AudioEngine offers a cost effective, self‑serve solution that works hard behind the scenes to deliver content your users want with the technology you need.


Unparalleled audiobook expertise
and market leadership

What we do:
  • Manage publisher contracts
  • Support multiple business models
  • Pay out publisher royalties
  • Content acquisitions
  • Merchandising and promotions
  • Industry insights


Content delivery through platform
APIs and SDKs

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What we do:
  • Manage DRM
  • Data normalization
  • Optimize and chapterize audio
  • Playback for Web, Android and iOS
  • Integration support
  • Advanced analytics

We're powering the fastest growing segment in the publishing industry.

Emerging technology and a growing need for convenient, on‑demand content has propelled audiobooks to be the medium of choice for a new generation.

In 2018, there was a 25% growth of audiobook sales, 27% growth in unit sales and the U.S. market for audiobooks was $1 billion.

Powered by AudioEngine, our global partners are driving the audiobook movement.

The most influential brands and tech disrupters are embracing audiobooks as a powerful revenue stream.

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